Japan is known for the fact that, since 5000 years ago it managed to understand that the connection between man and nature is crucial. Diet, lifestyle and even the way of thinking are the perfect cross between nature and man.

Teamlab`s immersive installations infill the Japan pavilion for Expo Milan 2015 article that we recommend. Created under the idea of ‘harmonious diversity`, teamlab presented at the exhibition in Milan a Japanese pavilion, which has installed interactive crossing between different rooms that connect digital waterfall and knowledge about Japanese food. Through the installations presented, rice fields are the backbone of Japanese food culture. The purpose of this exhibition was to demonstrate the importance of rice fields for the Japanese people, both traditionally and culturally. The images make up such harmony that changes with visitor movements and creates a protective space that seems to be spreading interactive indefinitely.

We all know that Japan, because it is a country surrounded by mountains and sea, suffers constant changes which affect the territory annually. Artwork transmits a large volume of information that refers to the great variety of food and includes a giant waterfall that can be seen in proportion of 360 degrees. This makes technology work to approach people and interact with them in order to deliver, as closely as possible, the real human nature, which in Japanese is imminent.

all images courtesy of teamlab