How many times have you bought a tin and consumed content, you thought you could reuse that preserves? Well, Moradavaga performs an installation using Vira-2300 rotating cans. Locomotive Project, founded by Manfred Eccl Cavaco Pedro Leitao was recently introduced in Porto Lazer – Portugal and enjoys a tremendous success. The whole story starts from the idea of using extension of the space at hand to which everyone has access. `Vira-lata` is a vertical element that can be used by anyone who wants to convey certain messages. It`s facade is structured like a communication tower and inside there is a staircase which allows movement preserved.

By turning the 2,300 boxes, users can create messages and even original images. DIY is increasingly known worldwide and it’s increasingly accepted by all people. Recycling is no longer a problem and the slogan `nothing is lost, everything is now transformed` a motto that represents us all. Handmade is the most beautiful form of the play objects around your life and regain their radiance. Both the small and big ones can create unusual things. For all that, it only takes imagination and inventiveness.

all images courtesy of moradavaga